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Fourth Grade Teacher
Freelance blogger
Believer in movement and fresh air
Prayer warrior

A little bit about me.

Susan (Susie) Wangen is a Minnesota native and a fourth grade teacher in the southwest suburbs. Her students tease her that every book is her “favorite” book, and she loves teaching kids how to write. She lives with her husband, Scott, and her two darlings; Charly (2009)-through the miracle of infertility treatments and Auggie (2015)- through the miracle of adoption.  During the summer you might find her reading the latest children’s books or freelance writing and blogging. She also loves to cook, run, and attempt to capture and bottle contentment.

Some things that inspire me.

FInland, fresh air movement breaks in teaching, word chocolate, connection with kids, The Nurtured Heart Approach, Trust-Based Relational Intervention, the cabin

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