The Informer

One of the first memories my dear friend Tiffany has of me is when I impressed her by rapping the lyrics to “Informer” by Snow after school during our freshman year of high school.
It was 1992. We stood in line at Eagan High School waiting to call our parents to pick us up on the free student phone in the entryway.
Clearly, she was easy to impress, given that most of my rap rendition was gibberish (yet upon looking up the true lyrics in 2020, my version was not far off.)
We still laugh about that memory, but what sticks with me is how some things haven’t changed.
The song may have changed, but I still tend to be an odd savant when it comes to memorizing lines of songs, shows, and movies. Much to the irritation of my coworkers, I can pull out a random movie quote or song lyric and any moment.
As an adult I realize the all-too-powerful influence of the informer. Not necessarily the one-hit-wonder Canadian rapper, ‘Snow’, kind of Informer, but more how what we read, watch, and absorb tends to inform us as humans. 
I’m so careful to filter the movies I watch and books I read. Anything that makes me feel sad or scared for humanity is not the kind of thing I aim to ingest.
I read a quote today on Twitter from a 3rd grade teacher who tells his class- you are never the same before or after reading a book. I couldn’t agree more! Every new novel, handbook, or article leaves me feeling different, having absorbed the lessons and nuances in every new text I’ve read.
This past summer I reread the classic Anne of Green Gables. I poured over every word as the August wind tickled my bare feet hanging off the dock. I was reminded of the near-poetic writing of Lucy Maud Montgomery and connected on the love of spunky redheads and the beauty of adoptive families. My green gables hangover lasted for weeks, as I more-readily noticed the delicate-winged bird on a branch and resplendent graces of daily life- simply because I let the treasured words wash over me and seep into my outlook.

As we near the new year and think of resolutions to start off on a high note, I want to be more mindful of how I am informed. To choose truth over social media rhetoric, to be careful of what I take in- fully knowing it will change my attitude and perspective. And I hope to be always learning from my surroundings and the truly delightful people I am blessed to have around me.
(Originally, I wanted to end this post with a quote from the song “Informer”.
Upon closer inspection, the lyrical implications should not be repeated.)
But I still got it, Tiff, I still got it.

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